Today’s Gemini: Hugh Laurie! Hot Or Not?

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

I may be one of the few people on earth who has only seen House once or twice.

Well, this isn’t a House post but a Hugh Laurie post. Why? Because he’s a GEMINI and we are in Gemini Season 🙂


Now when I looked up Mr. Laurie on Astrotheme, the chart didn’t have a birthime, but even without birthtime, we have a chart!

Sun and Mercury conjunct in Gemini and the Sagittarius Eclipse will oppose his Sun! Hmm… No houses (ha!) to guide us but Moon opposing Sun. I know nothing of his marital status but my third eye started wondering if all is happy at home.

Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo ooh la la this is a hot and dramatic combo. Generous too. I bet he loves to make a show of his love. Uranus is conjunct those two. This little crowd here I believe is partly why he’s so sexy (you do think he’s sexy, right?).

Saturn in Capricorn inconjuncts the Venus Mars part of the stellium and aye there’s the rub! Does he stop himself before he starts? Get all wound up and then shut down? Keyword for the inconjunct: adjustment. Hot, very hot, and then cold, very cold, is what I’m feeling here. And his Gemini Sun and Mercury will smile it off.

One could say Jupiter in Scorpio repeats this theme: something sexual this way comes, big sex, inconjuncting his Gemini Sun.

And I think is why he’s so damn sexy. It’s the Gemini mental sharpie, the inconjucted repression, the holding back of the heat which is obvious when you have Venus conjunct Mars conjunct Uranus in Leo!

His Moon is in Leo too, conjunct Uranus.

APPRECIATE ME is what all this Leo says. ADMIRE ME. WORSHIP ME. Now, without the houses (ha again!) we only have part of the story.

But what are you feeling/thinking? What do you get from the House star? 

Love, MP

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