To Worry Or Not To Worry, That Is The Virgo Question

"chrissie hynde"
Chrissie Hynde has Sun in Virgo. I wonder if she's a worrier.

Telling a Virgo not to worry is like telling a Sagittarius not to smile. Ain’t gonna happen. Not without a PLAN. Any plan. Virgo LIKES plans and planning and knowing in advance and what’s gonna happen and… Virgo gets anxious. Virgo needs to learn F L O W from her opposite on the wheel, Pisces. And Virgo needs to learn optimism from her square on the wheel, Sagittarius. And Virgo needs this and that and the other thing! Can you tell I have a Virgo Moon? I’m always trying to FIX my Virgo problems.

But what if, yes, what IF Virgo doesn’t need fixing? What then? Then what? Then the WORLD OPENS UP to Virgo and those around Virgo. Maybe NOBODY in Virgo’s little world needs fixing. Maybe everything is FINE. Maybe typing in ALL CAPS will get the message across to me and anyone else who is… worrying this morning. About money. About love. About love and money. About health. About the cats. About… life.

Yesterday I told my so-and-so: I’m scared. He told me: stop worrying. And how effective do you think THAT was? Well, it kinda was. Kinda. Sorta. Yeah.

People who mean well and express their well-meaning sentiments well: yes that helps. And people with perspective who can remind me to have faith: yes that helps. But it’s a leap. It’s a leap for Virgo. Because the problem is the mind itself. That there could be, that there IS, another way. And other people live in that magical world day in and day out!

But let’s say you don’t have time to reprogram and you get hit by a wave of worry,what do you do? Sometimes luck intervenes and your mood/the moment changes but sometimes you have work at it, PICK at it. Distraction is a fine method. So is being social: get out of your head. So is writing about it. There are any number of things you can do but the point is you must do SOMETHING. For many Virgos, being physical helps, whether it’s cleaning the house or going for a walk. The body is the antidote to the mind. The body cures the mind, don’t you think? Remember: the signs link up with the houses and you know that the 6th House is the Virgo House. Work work work, little Virgo! And define for yourself the meaning of this work because it may not be the time-clock paycheck type of work.

When I was in high school, actually junior high, I put on a bunch of weight. I eventually lost it through compulsive exercise but that’s another story 😉 My point here is that… I changed my body first and then my mind changed. Now you may say, Moon Pluto, that’s not how it works. Well, I’m sorry. I’m not very politically correct and that was how it worked for ME. Change the behavior and the rest could very well follow. Or, at least, begin where you want to begin. You’ll know if it’s helping.

Today’s bottom line since I know I’m meandering: if you are Virgo Sun, Moon, South Node, etc, and you worry too much? Don’t make it worse by hating yourself for it. And if some kind soul is genuinely trying to show you another way, listen. Don’t criticize it. Just take it in.

Sometimes, too, the thing you think can’t be done is the most important thing you need to do. And is possible to do. I always return to this idea of faith (Pisces) to help the Virgo mind and moon. To look above and beyond the earth, the material, the solid, the what-you-see-here. Because there is more.

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