To Cut Or Not To Cut: Full Moon In Taurus 2011

"full moon in taurus"
full moon in taurus

What rules regret in astrology? Regret is the past. Feeling badly about the past. What you did or did not do. There are feelings attached so it feels like the Moon to me. Memories. Regrets. Cancer. Moon.

And the Full Moon is coming this week, in Taurus, to a sky near you! How do you repair what you regret breaking? 

Here’s one answer: the Full Moon is whole. You are whole. There’s nothing to repair but the Full Moon will magnify what you think is gone.

Moon Pluto people and other highwire emotional types have two (at least) conflicting urges: to cut and to heal. To cut in order to heal.

Do you ever get possessed like that? To do something devastating. Well, usually it’s been building. A reason and a meaning behind it. Are you searching for meaning too?

I talked someone off the ledge yesterday. I could hear it in her voice, that the Full Moon was on her already, emotions, emotionality, pressure DO IT, END IT! She was ready to cut. Is this the end? I told her no.

I had a dream. I saw myself holding something dead under the light of the Full Moon. My arms stretched out but not strong. Weak arms but holding it still. Looking down at it. How clearly I could see it in the light.

Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius now. The dead are hopeful. And the dead thing is your old life, your old vision.  The Scorpio Sun opposes the Full Moon. The Scorpio Sun makes the dead thing vibrate again, ring again.

Who comes with you to the new place, your new life? 

For this Full Moon, I urge caution. Pluto/Scorpio likes to cut, but wait for the news instead. Full Moons bring messages. And maybe you won’t have to cut after all.

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