Thus We Recover From Wednesday’s Full Moon In Capricorn

"mercury sextile uranus" As I posted on Facebook a moment ago: I had a stomach ache for the Full Moon — no surprise under a Moon Pluto aspect (Moon being associated with the stomach and Pluto is INTENSE) but also a clean bill (bone) of health from the ortho clinic. The Moon was trine my Ascendent, exact. 

Today the Moon continues her stay in Capricorn so I recommend you continue to work hard (Saturn always does, even Saturn squares work hard, but often at something far more self-defeating than the trine or sextile) but remember that we have a wonky inconjunct today. Moon vs. Jupiter Venus and the temptation will be to buy a new  handbag rather than work hard to earn the money to pay for the handbag. Jupiter Venus is a spendy influence (luxury anyone?) but Capricorn zips up the wallet!

Also been hearing from some of my peeps — some with good news, some with scary, some with in-between. Lots of  revelatory news all around though which is what a Full Moon is for

Best of today: Mercury sextile Uranus! Brain food, bright ideas, big lights! Mercury Uranus, to me, is a vision quest right outside your door (the Third House, associated with Mercury, is your immediate environment). 

I think I may head out and about today. Mercury Uranus? Who knows what I’ll discover!

I am doing a Summer Special this June and July.
And we can talk about whatever you want but Transits + Tarot is one option.
I put a link to this on my PayPal form so you can order through the site.
Phone/Skype or Messenger. No Email Readings with this.
One chart only (two charts okay IF I’ve seen the second chart before. No new synastry readings)
60 minutes = $65.
You can give these as gifts. You can buy them in bulk 🙂 it’s pretty awesome.
I decided to do this because I listen to my gut — telling me that there were some people I needed to make contact with (for the first time or again) and this would help bring it.

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