Thursday Will Be Chiron’s Day (August 1st)

Trying to squeeze out a blog post in the middle of everything — a bunch of workmen are here, disrupting my home (Cancer) and my routine (Virgo). In short, they are disrupting ME. With a few spare minutes, let’s see what’s up in the sky:

Mars square Uranus is definitely tense, jittery, jangly. Moon in Gemini is scattered. Well, the weather is fitting me already. What about you? Are you having a calm day? A distracted day? Snipey?

Disruptions at home making me nervous = definitely Mars square Uranus.

Thursday is interesting with two Chiron aspects happening. Mars makes a trine and Venus opposes. I’ve been holding court on Chiron on my Facebook page lately so let me post what I put there last night in case you aren’t my FB friend (and you should be, by the way!)

“… this reminds me also of Moon Chiron contacts. I’ve got clients (I’ve seen this run in families) with Moon Chiron conjunctions and yes the mother situation is pretty intense – not so much in a Pluto way. Or a Saturn way but… something you can’t ever get past. The wound that keeps on wounding. Sasportas believes we CAN heal Saturn squares for example. And Pluto issues can often be helped by backing out of the drama. Taking ourselves OUT of the triangle (there is often a triangle with Pluto) But Chiron? We walk around open wounded. There is no power in Chiron. Saturn is our work. Pluto is our power. Chiron is… what you never get over. Can’t turn it around. Can’t take back the night on Chiron.

So what can you do? What is the ONLY thing you can do with Chiron energies? Help others (in that Virgo type way) because you’ve been there. Not because it will heal you. It won’t. But because you have something to share. Chiron is where you have sacrificed and where you will sacrifice over and over and over in this lifetime…”

Mars trine Chiron could rev you up (exercise? new diet?) and the Venus opposition may be a new healer in your life, therapist, doctor, friend.

What are your thoughts on Chiron? 

Love, MP


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