Thursday Night Astrology

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius 2011"
well? how was it?

Okay guys, okay star gazers. I’m not completely nuts. I’m not going to jump the gun and start talking about the next New Moon (also an eclipse!) yet. I’m just not. Even though I know you want me to 😉

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Nope! Not yet.

Instead, this: how was your day? How was your Full Moon?

Things were fine around here. As usual, for me, it was the lead-up that was intense and not just me but saw this emotionality in friends too. The urge for the deep dive. I think the Taurus/Scorpio fixed energy HELPED folks stay steady.

Now Full Moons and all their heavy light bring clarity so I’m still hoping you find some around whatever issues are doggin’ you. Full Moons are whole. Full Moons complete. So fucking finish it up. So if you’ve had a story going on… and not sure how it will end… or what the next chapter is, or will be… meditate on this. Or go for a run! Which reminds me, I’m supposed to check out a gym with a buddy and maybe THAT will help me quit this smoking habit which is the worst it’s been for me in years.

Help me, Mars in Virgo!

Otherwise, skywards: Water people still benefit from the Sun in Scorpio but soak this up, okay? Before you know it, it will be EVEN MORE SAGITTARIUS in the sky. You Virgos better watch out.

The lovely Moon is in Taurus of course, sweet Taurus, stubborn Taurus, solid Taurus. Even notice how Taurus can get whatever they want and if they don’t it’s because they are standing in their own way?

Question for the Moon in Taurus: What are you holding on to? And do you WANT to keep holding onto it? When the Moon heads for Gemini? Shake this energy lose.

Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius of course, married at 10 degrees, a fun and funny couple. And I keep thinking this Jupiter emphasis should be helpful, shouldn’t it? (Shouldn’t it? God help me.)

Mars at 29 Leo, FINALLY, poised for his long long Virgo stay. Really important for you to find your Virgo house because you WILL be energized. The retrograde period will have a different feel and how you experience a retrograde will be unique but I like to think of it as moving forward and then reviewing the movement and then moving forward again. It’ll be a 1st house transit for me, pulling in my 7th, and gnawing on my 10th and 4th of course.

I’ll leave you to investigate the outer planet placements on your own, but remember that Neptune and Chiron are now direct. I think we’ll all dream better and feel better. And I don’t know about you, but I want these guys out of my 6th!

Did you have any Full Moon revelations?

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