Three Venus Returns Or One Big One? Venus In Leo All Summer Long

"south node in virgo" I had my (first) Venus Return on my birthday and I can’t remember EVER feeling it this much. Unless I’ve forgotten. Perhaps Jupiter in Leo is making it big, bigger, biggest. I don’t even know where to start. How to share these details because there are so many. But months ago I was writing about Finding Venus and I think I have. I won’t say I’m 100% integrated. I know I’m not. But I am feeling things, Venus things, that I haven’t felt in a very VERY long time.

But I’m also feeling Saturn in Scorpio squaring Venus in Leo. Difficulty. Harshness. Sadness. Delays. Rejection. Venus in Leo is less Venus in Leo due to the Saturn square. Venus doesn’t want LESSONS. She wants perfume.

But the Venus Return also brings second chances. And memory floods. And opportunities for releasing the past, once and for all, what is dead and gone. And perfume shopping. Miss Venus Return goes perfume shopping. Church of Neroli and Jasmine and Sandalwood.Β Om.

"venus trine uranus"I hope you don’t mind the tangent I’m about to take you on. It’s Venus related because my Venus is conjunct my South Node (in Virgo). You all probably know Virgo. Picking picking picking picking. Detail oriented. Can see every little thing. Doesn’t even realize how cutting it can be. And (here comes the Venus lesson! For Venus Saturn!) what Virgo often fails to do is focus lovingly on every little thing. This is how any Virgo South Node (for example) can do Virgo right, can do Virgo better — by loving the details. Yes you can notice every single thing like always. But love them instead of hate them. Love them instead of them “needing work.” I am talking about loving the things of this world. Even yourself. Virgo IS an earth sign after all. Focus your laser ray on the good. There is always room to focus on the good.

I am looking at you with loving Venus eyes today, my friends, and I wish you a good loving Venus weekend. The Venus Saturn square perfects on Monday.

What are you learning about love?


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