Thoughts On Yesterday’s Full Moon (Occupation Diary Part 7)

"Occupy Wall Street"

These notes are from yesterday…

On the Broadway side of Zuccotti Park there was a big white banner, big as the Full Moon. It said “Occupy Wall Street stands with Occupy Boston, Occupy Seattle, Occupy Des Moines.” And there was a group of protesters sitting in front of it, legs crossed, peaceful. Just sitting. See? See how it easy it is? Just sit down.

I only had a little bit of time but came to bring some food to the makeshift kitchen, food I was never going to eat, food that was also just sitting. I think to myself that I need a real camera. This Blackberry camera just won’t do.

I loved that the Farmer’s Market folks still showed up with their tents along one side of the park, their fresh fruits and vegetables and bread. Life goes on but life as we know it is changing.

All you have to do is sit. Or stand. To occupy. First, you witness. Then, you sit. And then? Act.

People have been emailing me and writing in the comments how the Full Moon in Aries felt to them. Extreme. Overwhelming. Fast! My advice, for the moment, is Time Management i.e. Saturn. Define, decide, what you need to do. Can’t do it all at once. Impossible. Step by step.

It’s supposed to rain today and I wonder how this will affect things. And I keep forgetting to bring my Tarot cards, if only to entertain weary protesters. See, these folks, the ones sleeping there, they will get burnt out, they will get tired, depressed, they need support of all kinds. I heard a woman speak the other day on this very topic: the role of those sleeping there and the role of those who come each day to work (in one of the many groups where people are needed). Again, this is the high side of Saturn, Capricorn: be the FOUNDATION. Be steady. Saturn in Libra supports being polite. I swear people are nicer and more polite in Downtown Manhattan right now than on any subway I’ve ever been on.

I was sitting on one of the low walls and listening to some Union guys chatting: “In the 60s, we did the same thing. And we got shot at. Now, YOU CAN DO THIS.” Iron workers, building workers… I’ve seen every age represented here. This is NO Hipster Revolution. As I wrote before here, the minds here are serious and clear and even though this is a leaderless “movement,” leaders do and will emerge.

Some astrology: I feel like the planets are moving fast, pulling away from each other, gaining speed and that’s partly why everyone feels so disoriented. I see Saturn at 20 Libra. The Moon is still loosely opposing but is heading to oppose Mercury now. Keep your wits and your temper about you. Could still be an emotional day. I think we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief when the Moon enters Taurus and gets strength from Pluto and a good mood from Jupiter.

Otherwise, Venus in Scorpio is still on my mind, on its way to opposing Jupiter in Taurus. Scorpio is passion, FIXED passion. Hates to let go. Won’t let go until it never looks back. So I challenge you to find your passion, find that thing, find that LOVE (Venus) that inspires you to commit and go deep. There is so much underneath if you take the time to find it and don’t lose faith. Venus is pulling away from trining Neptune but your dreams (Neptune) matter. Folks with planets in early Cancer or Pisces feel this now, especially.

I’ve got a lot to take care of today, but I am still offering my new Mini-Reading, in honor of the Waning Moon! Or you can click here for information about my usual, longer readings. I definitely have time over the weekend.

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