Thoughts On The South Node & Fear

"south node in aries"
what are you afraid of?

A gal in one of the chat rooms asked this question:

“What do you do to find courage?” 

And I gave a bunch of answers.
And others gave a bunch of answers.
And then I realized that fear is found in our South Node thus part of the answer must always include Going North!

The South Node is many things, including what we came into this lifetime with, talents, resources, what we do well but still need to master. Also, crappy habits and default settings.

Can you see this in your own chart? How your South Node holds you back? 

My South Node is in Virgo.
Virgo tends to fret. I’m very detail oriented. I’m a writer. Mercury rules Virgo.
But I also live on Worst Case Scenario thinking.
This is just one example.
There are more 🙂

In one way or another we must always go north, by sign and house.
The aspects tell more of the story.

By transit, the South Node is in Aries.
Do you have fear in your Aries house?
What are you afraid of not getting?
Of not standing up for?
Aries, the soldier, stands up.

What do you do to find courage? 

Love, MP

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