This Summer’s Prettiest Butterfly: Venus In Gemini

"venus in gemini"

(Angelina Jolie has her Sun in Gemini)


First, the nuts and bolts!

Venus entered Gemini with three cell phones in one hand 😉 on April 3rd.

She stations retrograde in Mid-May at 23 degrees Gemini.

In late June at 7 degrees Gemini she goes direct.

She then spends all of July in Gemini in direct motion.

She leaves Gemini for Cancer in early August.


I didn’t want to give you too too many numbers here. It can get overwhelming but I think the degree points are important.

Your homework is to find Gemini in your chart and track Venus’ travels.


Cosmically speaking, I’m not feeling “setback” around this transit. I am feeling options though and options can lead to confusion or a “what the hell do I do with ALL THIS” feeling/energy around your life.

Will there be review? Yes. Review, tinkering, re-do, but more opportunity than blocking. And she will get some direct support from Taskmaster Saturn at certain points during this transit.


Venus is love and Venus is money and your Gemini house is where your love and money will be dancing a little jig. Could be some wiggles and wobbles but Gemini is social, chatty, curious, busy, restless, information-seeking. The retrograde period will not halt this essential Gemini energy but yes will give it an inward slant. You’ll be very busy at the meditation center if Gemini is your 12th House for example.


Also important: revisit your natal Mercury because Mercury is in charge of Venus in Gemini. More information!

And with Venus in Gemini for so many months, you’ll be asked to diversify, to scatter your attention.

While direct, you will butterfly about, blending and beginning and feeling inspired to touch all the glittery countertops of your dreams and desires.

When retrograde you will take a second look and contemplate what is worth buying and what is worth selling, what is worth loving and what is worth… less.

Where is Gemini in your chart?


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