Things Fall Apart: Uranus Square Pluto

"pluto square uranus"

So I am honoring Taurus by taking it easy. Took almost the whole day off, much needed.

And then I found myself feeling sick. Not physically sick. More like… MoonPluto kinda sick. Emotional Intensity. Drama.

And I said to someone, I will feel sick until this situation is settled. As if I were making a vow.


Fact: synastry exists. With some people, we feel, we are, smooth, we get sleepy in their presence. With others, our drama comes out and every other word is a high note. If you want to be with that person, you have to learn to manage, regulate, master. Or you will consume, combust.

On the one hand I’m thinking… okay Pluto is going to enter my 5th House this year.

On the other hand I’m thinking… okay the Pluto Uranus square is a 5th House/8th House transit for me.

You can make compulsive art. You can make compulsive love. Just know that your life WILL BE COMPULSIVE FROM NOW ON. Or, at the very least, for a very long time.


Find transiting Uranus and transiting Pluto in your chart. Shifting, slipping, sliding, tumult, colliding.

I’m not predicting any gloom and doom scenarios here πŸ™‚ Just find these guys in your chart. Make a note of the relevant degrees and the houses for starters.

There will be tension in these areas of life for you. Creative tension. Uranus will disrupt and Pluto will leap in (ha!) to rebuild. And then Uranus will disrupt again. And then Pluto will leap again!

This image of Pluto leaping is ridiculous I know, but bear with me. Maybe just maybe it will make it easier. This image. Leaping.

Already these two planets are getting closer together. By the end of this Β month, Uranus is at 7 Aries and Pluto is at 8 Capricorn.

For almost all of June, it’s exact though — Uranus at 8 degrees square Pluto at 8 degrees. And throughout the summer and the fall, the dance continues. Yeah, I’m calling it a dance. Pluto is leaping i.e. YOUR VERY DEATH AND REBIRTH (find the house!) IS LEAPING.

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

Got it?Β 


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