There’s A Limit To How Much We Can Feel Here: Saturn Square Moon In Synastry

"saturn square moon"

Moon Pluto people (and define that however you like 🙂 it can be a metaphor for anyone, no matter their chart) tend to get overly Emotionally Intense in romantic relationships when they don’t feel IT coming back to them.

What is IT?  Energy, emotion, passion, attention… in an obvious way. Cool and mysterious breaks the circuit.

They need a source. They are a source. They need the energy to wraparound.

I was thinking about this when I got off the subway just now — about the post I put up this morning, about synastry and the Nodes, and I started thinking about synastry in general, how it has its limits, which is a Saturn keyword.

Sure we can look at long-term relationships and say “Yeah, they lasted so long because of blah blah blah,” or look at relationships that ended and say “Yeah, it broke apart because of blah blah blah,” but I believe the bottom line is mystery and to some degree safe from Virgo analysis 😉

Do what you can. Scrub and scrutinize a chart. And then let it go.


My ex-boyfriend is my best friend. The romantic part of the relationship failed for various reasons. Here’s one theory: my Moon Pluto is caught in a vise by his chart. His Saturn (ugh) in Sagittarius squares it and his Venus in Gemini (the Twins!) also squares it.

Forget about the Venus thing for a moment and focus on the Saturn. Saturn square Moon in synastry no doubt creates a caution, a hesitation, a chill in the room no matter the love. Our Suns are conjunct although we are 10+ years apart in age. Parental, yes, but maybe not… productively so.  (Why parental? Cancer is Mom and Saturn is Capricorn is Dad.)

But the thing that I still feel, sometimes, when I’m around him isn’t… depression exactly, which Saturn square Moon could indeed bring but a kind of… lack of buoyancy when we’re together. Free-flowing easy expression of feeling. I mean, we love each other. We see each other. We do laugh if he’s feeling teasing or I’m feeling teasing but there’s this… Saturn between my emotions and his… hope for the future?

It’s hard to define exactly, hard to pin down. It’s a Saturn square. Saturn WANTS to define but in square there’s a block! There’s a limit to the work that Saturn wants to do! (Oy vey Saturn keywords run amok!)


I believe in the usefulness, helpfulness, truth, and fun of looking at synastry. There is wisdom between the charts. And sometimes you will be surprised and yet get that “aha” moment at the same time. It can be pretty awesome.

And yet…

Just some stray thoughts here… Feel free to leave your own and we can discuss!


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