"jupiter in leo" Thinking Jupiter in Leo.
My book says July 17th for the GRAND ENTRANCE.

As I wrote on Beliefnet just now:

I hope you realize that Jupiter, Mr. Lucky, is changing signs this month, from water sign to fire sign, moving from zaftig sensitive Cancer to noble, magnanimous Leo. THERE WILL BE DRAMA.

Think about that for a moment, if you believe in such things, that the personalities around you will be less um soggy and more flamboyant. All Cancers cry, don’t they? I remember an ex boyfriend of mine crying on Christmas watching It’s A Wonderful Life. It pissed me off (pissed off my Venus in Leo conjunct Black Moon Lillith) because he never cried OVER ME. Far as I knew. Whatevs. Any display of emotion better be for me, bitches.


Think about it. Jupiter gonna conjoin all those South Node in Leo peeps. Good times 😉

I am looking forward to this transit. 12th House for me so a bit less theatrical. MAYBE.

Are you looking forward to Jupiter in Leo? Do a transit check! Or a call me for a reading 🙂 And yes, we’ll be talking more about this here. All year! 

I’m taking this week off pretty much because we’re packing to move. Should be back to normal early next week in terms of readings. Happy to schedule you if you want to secure yourself a spot. As always, check out my Services page for single-session rates and packages for my frequent flyers 

Beliefnet post about the Full Moon in Capricorn is here. Click! 

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