There Will Be Cake: New Moon In Capricorn

I haven’t done a Tarot blog post in a while and I want to give you some encouragement 🙂 I say this realizing that I want to pull cards for the New Moon in Capricorn happening January 11th. 2013!

New Moons are the dark times, chosen for planning, hoping, wishing, dreaming, desiring, hungering, conception… oh yes I should probably mention that the New Moon will be in my 5th House of Love, opposing my natal Mercury and Mars. I’m ready. Know the feeling? Saturn in Libra took an axe to my love life. Yours too? I’m sorry to hear.

The Moon and Saturn (Capricorn) are a funny mix though…

Capricorn rules, among other things, abandoned places, barren ground, bricks, coffins, deliberation, decomposition, that which is frozen, NEGLECT…

Whereas the Moooooon rules, among other things, wetness and wells, planting, sensitivity, receptivity, mammals, Mom…

How to combine these two forces?  In terms of setting an intention: what I think you could do is… something very magical and childlike and unifying (I see some of y’all in my mind’s eye flying kites) because this New Moon with its Capricorn/Cancer energies is talking directly to… the childhood you never had. And how now that you’re grown… you can eat as much cake as you want. Cake, in this example, is a metaphor. For your happiness.

Do take into account the Capricorn/Cancer axis, houses, in your chart, especially 21 degrees Capricorn and keep in mind the following (here come the cards!)

1. the work you are doing now is not wasted time, no matter how menial it appears. No matter how frustrating at times. It has a place. It has a fit. Even if it’s only to push your hand. 8 of Pentacles

2. you must go deeper into your spiritual studies. You keep mistaking reality for ego. And whether you are student or teacher now? I’m not sure. Maybe both. But you need to go up a level at this time and you go up a level by committing, continuing. My suggestion is to go ancient. Leave the “new age” behind. Go back in time. High Priestess.

3. Dream big this New Moon, my darling. Isn’t this fitting? The final card I pulled was The World, associated with Saturn, who rules Karma. Saturn is why you’re here. See the progression in these cards? I pulled them in this order. From the work to the “reward” and in between them is… 1. believing it possible and then 2. letting it go. Like that kite I see you holding.

I want you to listen to that song, that song that reminds you of your purpose, that song that makes you feel EVERYTHING, on New Moon day, even if it makes you cry. Especially if it makes you cry.



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