There is a Story: From the Eighth House to the Ninth House (Field Notes)

"venus square saturn" Something I’ve written about before that was inspired by something from Howard Sasportas about the migration from 8th House to 9th House. And I am paraphrasing him + inserting my own ideas here–

How the 8th is the house of trauma and taboo and death and surgery (and also I find folks who have natal planets here to be inordinately lucky especially when well aspected — it is the house of other people’s stuff/resources/money/inheritance – but it also depends which planet of course) and the 9th House is the house of meaning and purpose and perspective.

For example, let’s say you have to have surgery. That’s the 8th House. And then you begin to ask the question WHY? Why did I get sick? I have never found a satisfying answer to that question but have found something else thanks to astrology.

What we have is the 9th House. To make MEANING to find *some* meaning in our suffering. There is a story (Jupiter) there. And I don’t mean lessons. I don’t mean “oh here is your healing journey what a blessing.” To find purpose or meaning in suffering is to… gain something from it ANYWAY despite the mountain of crap. No matter how small. And this doesn’t make it okay or easy but…

This in essence is what I was saying to a client the other day who just had surgery and asked WHY. WHY ME. I get it. I know this question well. WHY ME GOD I AM A GOOD PERSON WHY ME.

Who among us has not asked this? If you haven’t asked it yet then consider yourself lucky.

But for the rest of us? Find your answers in the 9th House. Go there. Are you having a 9th House transit? Is your 9th House ruler being aspected? Got natal or progressed planets there? This is Jupiter’s house, Sagittarius’ “natural” house. There is a story.

You know more now. You know “too much.” You know more than anyone wants to know, but you can’t stay in the 8th. And they say the 12th House is a prison! You have to go from the exodus to the Promised Land and tell your story — whatever way you choose but tell it.


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