There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: Sun Square Saturn

We are approaching Week Two in the Meditation class and it’s time to depart from the foundation I’ve been giving over.

Okay, not depart from it. Add to it.

We’ve been adding a deeper breath.

And then will come the beseeching 🙂

What I mean by this is that Week One was devoted to getting back in the body, the present moment, with a simple (and yet sometimes hard to do) sitting practice.

Week Two, we expand. We ask questions. We seek answers.

And I have a feeling that… answers may or may not come during the sitting itself. But this part of the practice will open up the channel for… truth.

After my meditation I took out my Tarot cards. One of the gals in the room (Hi K!) was already combining her meditation with Tarot so I did it too and I got an answer to my question. I got a few answers.


Looking at Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday:

The Moon enters Virgo tomorrow evening after about a 6 hour void of course period and the Moon will oppose Neptune right away, which reminds me: I had a HUGE revelation about Neptune and my life last night. That far too often I give Neptune over to the negative (confusion illusion delusion) and I forget the art, the music, the… visualizing what you want to happen. This is energy you really can make use of. Just give it a form. Work on that play, that poem, that song, that idea.

Tuesday the Moon continues to pick at various other heavenly bodies including Uranus, Jupiter, Chiron, the Sun, Pluto, and Saturn. All the major aspects are represented. I think what matters most is where she is transiting your chart. That’s where she’ll need you the most and the Moon in Virgo likes… routine, de-cluttering, putting things in order, analyzing, fidgeting. Stay busy. Work on that play, poem. song, idea some more.

Wednesday is a day that I’ve been waiting for 🙂 Jupiter goes direct. I’m not promising any bon bons, but if Jupiter does turn direct exactly on some point or planet of yours (6 degrees Gemini!) you could hear news, good news.

The Sun also squares Saturn but think about it this way: the Sun is the faster moving body here, and it’s pitching LIGHT and warmth on your Saturnian fear machine and Scorpio secrets. You’re frustrated and uncomfortable because NOW you see it. (And can deal with it.)

So we’ve got a potentially mousy (quiet) beginning of the week but… all the while what’s building is 1. Sun Saturn showing you what still has to be done and 2. Jupiter waking up and believing that it’s possible. Or, at least, that something better’s coming.

Sara Melson – Feel It Coming

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