The World’s Gone Retro(grade)! Mercury, Mars, And Saturn

"mercury retrograde"

Let’s see…

Saturn retrograde.

Mars retrograde.

Mercury retrograde!

Here’s my latest Mars retrograde story.

Y’all know I joined a gym when Mars was direct and entered my 1st House.

I slowed down a little shortly after the retrograde began but now I’m back in the swing of things and recently bought new sneakers! Asics 🙂 Awesome awesome shoe (and no I don’t work for them.)

I realized that my bounce wasn’t so bouncy anymore and suddenly realized the shoe was the problem. And why they make good shoes so ugly for women is beyond me but that’s another story. WHY must my amazing shoes have this gross pink slime trimming on them? It was grody pink or garish blue.

Anyway, the shoes are great and I had a great treadmill time yesterday and I realized today, while on the train that Mercury retrograde is not only…




it’s also….. (drumroll please!)


I replaced what was no longer working. I replaced my SHOES. And all y’all who are getting another Saturn Return hit (hello Saturn in Libra peeps!) understand what I’m talking about when I talk about Saturn removing what no longer WORKS.

So. Tell us. What are you replacing for Mars retrograde? What are you replacing for Saturn retrograde? For Mercury retrograde?

Mercury Rx: the old ways of communicating no longer work.

Mars Rx: how are you abusing your energy instead of care-taking it.

Saturn Rx: how do you want to do relationship now that you realize all the previous ones have sucked the big one.


Not that you didn’t love. You did. But it wasn’t enough. Saturn in Libra is about RELATIONship. Relating. To others. Saturn creates limits. Boundaries. Pull your shit IN.

So that’s your homework, my friends. Consider the retrogrades in your life and come back and tell us a thing or two. In any order. And feel free to digress 🙂


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