The Wisdom Of The Brow & New Moon In Capricorn (Jan 9th)

"saturn conjunct the IC"Today I went to get my eyebrows fixed, prettied up, and I was really not in the mood to talk–

but in the process of the treatment I discovered that the young woman helping me (looking far younger than her 37 years and perhaps that was why I was reluctant) was not only a teacher of yoga but a Wise Woman.

She asked me questions. I was evasive. But then suddenly. I don’t know. Suddenly we were talking and she was giving me advice, good advice. And for once (wry smile) my Virgo moon didn’t balk at what was being given. Virgo Moons can be know-it-alls. We know a lot, yes, but we don’t know it ALL and especially not when it comes to eyebrow wisdom and PERSPECTIVE. 9th House. Jupiter.

My perspective changed right then and there.

There were similarities in our situations — a bad relationship. A very bad relationship. A move. Hers across a greater distance. A rebuild. A successful rebuild!

And… I am finding it hard to put into words right now except I felt a distinct empathic kinship with this Pluto in Libra woman. We had walked if not the same road, a similar one. And it comforted me on a very cold city morning. I was able to receive the teacher’s transmission. I felt grateful.

You never know where you find the Buddha, right? You never know when you will hear what you need to hear. You never know when the gift is coming. The gift is always coming, my friends, despite your dark night of the soul and unspeakable loss.

I didn’t catch her sign. I usually ask. I guess I didn’t need to.

When I told her a few details of my immediate future, some plans made, she said to me, with arch sincerity in her voice, more than once: you are so lucky. You are so lucky. 

We have a New Moon coming. In Capricorn. 19 degrees. I’ll try to write more about this as it gets closer but I wanted to mention it now with this story because — because Saturn builds. The mountain goat climbs the mountain. When the mountain goat gets unsure or scared, she waits. Stops. Then she climbs again. She doesn’t stop. Pause. Breathe. Continue.

I have a pretty good Saturn in my chart (well aspected which probably partially explains my interest in ethics and guilt complexes) way up high in my 9th House of the Teacher, the Student. Some crappy aspects yes (Saturn square Venus = feels ugly) but otherwise the Wise One, the Green Man, Papa Saturn Emperor is doing alright. Sextile my Cancer planets and trine my Virgo.

But enough about me.

New Moon in Capricorn is a New Moon in SATURN. The first New Moon of the new year! New structures for you!

I feel softer now. More gentle. Not just after talking to her. There were more errands to run. But the Empress is MY CARD. I have Saturn in Taurus square Venus! And Venus in the 12th House. Hidden beauty. Hidden Venus. Hidden care. Self-care. I have to make the effort  to be and do Venus/Empress and I got my nails done too and… it softened me. WE MUST BECOME OUR SATURN. And a New Moon in Saturn, in Capricorn means that I want to give you homework. Revisit your Saturn. There is always a lesson there for you. What does she want? Yes I’m calling Saturn “she.” 

This New Moon is on January 9th. It’s an AMAZING moon. Remember, 19 degrees.

Moon conjunct Pluto
Moon square Uranus (the one doozy here)
Moon sextile Chiron

There is a risk of being hard on yourself (it is a Capricorn Moon after all!) and it may be a more emotional New Moon (thanks to Pluto) than usual (may feel like a Full Moon) AND Moon Uranus is a spinny mood swing BUT Moon Chiron is healing and Moon Jupiter is fat and happy like a gold watch.

You are so lucky.


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