The *What Now* Tarot Spread

This spread is for when you feel blocked in some area of your life. Or blocked in MANY areas 🙂

We look at the past, briefly, but mostly examine the present moment. What you need to do as well as what you haven’t yet noticed yet. The final card gives advice for how to get unstuck.


Card One: the recent past (possible cause)

Card Two: the present moment (right now, give or take a month)

Card Three: what to do about it (could be an action, could be a thought process)

Card Four: what/who is keeping you stuck (FOR REAL)

Card Five: clue #1/secret knowledge (pay attention)

Card Six: clue #2/secret knowledge (pay attention)

Card Seven: how to light a fire, how to move forward


Saturn is retrograde in my 3rd House and I’m not blogging/writing (3rd House) as much as I used to. I keep thinking to myself that I *need* to write horoscopes but that interests about as much as describing the planets through the signs (ugh) and yet Saturn calls for discipline. Maybe this spread will shed some light! I am going to try it now 🙂


Wow. What an intense, accurate (I think) and moving spread. Do try this one. Let me know how you like it.

Love, MP


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