The Virgo Search For Perfection

"sun in virgo"
Sun in Virgo

The Virgo Search for Perfection means that things are Not Okay, means that Something Is Wrong means We Have A Problem Here.

Searching searching searching something is wrong I shall find it! I shall fix it! I shall cut it out, says humble Virgo.

I wonder if Virgo calls out to the Universe more than any other sign. Or is Virgo too reserved to cry out. (I cry out. But I have a Cancer Sun 🙂

Perfection is a spiritual problem. Only God is perfect (if you believe in God that is) so… WTF Virgo? Who do you think you are? Don’t answer that 😉 Teasing Virgos is a cruel cruel pastime.

So what’s a Virgo to do? Virgo wants to be perfect. Virgo can’t be perfect. If a tree falls in the forest, is there a Virgo somewhere feeling bad about it?

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