The Virgo Search For Perfection (Part ? Of An Infinite Series)

"full moon in cancer 2012"
mars in virgo in search of perfection

I can spend all morning in search of the perfect cup of coffee.

My own brew? I can never get it right. Not all Cancers can cook and coffee-making counts as cooking.

Option 2: a cheap cup with condensed milk from the bodega down the street — sometimes damn good and sometimes not.

And of course there are coffee shops and cafes no matter where I am or travel in the Big City so…from the cheapie to the luxury, I try it all.

Now what about Starbucks, you ask? Well, I’m not a Starbucks snob, for or against. I just want good tasting coffee and I don’t like theirs much but recently starting drinking their espresso and I like that just fine, with half and half (yes, a breve) and artificial sweetener (blue, pink, or yellow, and I know that shit is poison but spare me the lecture. I have a Virgo Moon and I know.)

With Mars in Virgo applying in conjunction to natal Pluto for so many of us now, the search for perfection intensifies.

Where do you see Virgo in your life? 


PS I was reading over this post and saw that I only put one “xo” at the end which caused me to look at some recent posts and I saw “xoxo” so edited this post, adding another “xo.” That, my friends, is TooMuchVirgo


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