The Venus T-Square

Yep, I have one. My Venus is squared by Saturn and Neptune. The Saturn square is wide, but I claim it. The Neptune square is painfully close. My Venus also sextiles Jupiter but tend to forget that. My Venus is in the 12th. Interesting how easy it is to remember the “bad” and forget the good.

T-Squares are not the end of the road but they are roadsigns, pointing to… issues. Issues that need… tissues. Yes, tears. Anyone with a Venus t-square can attest to L O V E problems, whether or not they are the crying type.

The good news is that… No. Wait. I don’t want to talk about the good news yet. Neptune, on a bad day, is confusion, illusion, deception. “Fooled by love.” Saturn, on a bad day (as opposed to those Saturn good days) blocks and denies. Ouch. Makes you feel ugly. But wise astrologers say that… Venus square Saturn does not deny. He delays. I’ll let you know if that’s true 😉

So a busy Venus is a busy Venus is a busy Venus, happy or not. Would I gladly trade in my squares for softer aspects? Absolutely. Venus square Saturn can be stingy even though it desperately wants and needs. And Venus square Neptune needs to pine and long for the Beloved.  I could go on. And I will! A bit later. To be continued….

Note to self: Aquarius is the missing leg of my t-square. Hmm.

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