The Veil Is Thinning But What If Your Ancestors Suck?

"venus conjunct mars" You can be a witch, you can be a magician, you can be whatever you choose, spiritually, WITHOUT having an ancestor focus in your spiritual practice.

You don’t need an altar for them, a shrine, a feast — none of it is necessary for your personal spiritual growth and development. It’s a choice. You can choose what your practice consists of. And around this time of year, it’s all we hear: the veil thins, etc etc etc and the Dead, including ancestors, are easily reached. Well what if the Dead ain’t your thing?

Ancestor worship or honoring is not a big part of my practice. Maybe it’s my Jewish upbringing. There are certain times during the year (Yizkor/individual Yartzeits) when we honor, and there are prayers said on a daily basis when we honor (the Kaddish, which actually praises God, not the Dead per se) but otherwise, not so much. The Jewish focus is on the LIVING; even the laws of mourning are focused on the ones who remain here on earth, not on satisfying the needs of the dearly departed. Jews do candles. Leaving fruit and glasses of water and cigarettes? Not so much.

I’m not saying it’s wrong, either way. I’m not telling you what to do. I am saying that during this time of year (Halloween, Samhain) we tend to be inundated by a certain line of talk and imagery and I actually DO enjoy it and do love this time of year – even though on a daily basis I’m not really washing my hands in it all that much.

Also I just think it’s a really interesting topic.

Side issue but related: more and more I am doing mediumship work. I wasn’t advertising readings specifically for this purpose. It would just come up during a reading and I love it. It’s hard to explain. It’s this incredible feeling when I make contact, warm and radiant.

Do you know what you are drawn to and why?