The Upcoming Grand Trine In Earth And Your Root Chakra

"grand trine in earth"

I was on the subway yesterday (where else?) reading an Edgar Cayce book (of course), not in order, reading bits and pieces from different chapters (I have Neptune in the 3rd house) and I stumbled upon a chapter about the 7 Spiritual Centers i.e. the Chakras which Cayce connected to the endocrine system and the smooth functioning of the body and how saying the Lords Prayer connects us with, attunes us to, these 7 Spiritual Centers/Chakras as well as to Spirit, generally speaking.

(I know that was a lot, but keep reading!)

This Grand Trine in Earth signs that is building right now is a perfect opportunity to again consider the chakras, starting with the Root Chakra, which is our base and thus, truly, our center.

(By the way, the book I was reading is Towards a Deeper Meditation by John Van Auken)

Security, foundations, your body, your home, your seat, your base, your roots, survival, sexuality, sense of smell…

If you find transiting Pluto, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter in your natal chart, the planets involved in the Grand Trine, you will find where… your stability is rising, like the kundalini itself, from the root of you.

Do you think about the Chakras? Share your knowledge here from any tradition.


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