The Unexpected Occupier (Occupy Wall Street, Part 5)

"Occupy Wall Street"
Occupy Wall Street, October 9, 2011

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12 pm: October 9, 2011, Sunday:

So after a long wait, and a bathroom break, thanks to Burger King who did not put up “restroom out of service” signs, I headed back to the park. The protest was coming alive, just like yesterday and what a difference an hour made.

I headed around, past the drumming, and found the altar, and, finally, I found my place. And my own Occupation began.

See, in this part of the park, there’s this tall tree and concrete slabs for sitting, surrounding it. A few folks were meditating or “just sitting” and one man nearly the entire time (I came back to this area more than once) seemed to be maintaining it, straightening it out, lovingly making sure it wasn’t becoming a mess because people leave things on the altar, scraps of paper, other keepsakes, souvenirs, little signs. I saw a woman leave a RING. Apples, candles, identification cards, messages to the world or to God or…

I also left something. I had been sitting awhile before I got the idea and found half a receipt in my bag and my pen and some words and I put it there.

There was room for me here and I became more than a witness. I wasn’t walking around the perimeter anymore or passing through. I sat down. I was inside. And honestly I had only meant to… look at the altar. I didn’t realize that what I was doing was becoming part of it just by sitting, by sharing whatever energy I had. We are spirit, aren’t we?

And it did feel like a sacred space. There were no doors, no walls, no windows, totally open and yet enclosed, I mean, something about this space felt private, like a room within a room within a whirling protest born of frustration and despair but also the JOY of these people who are happy to be here although sick from the reason why.

I had reached the heart of Occupy Wall Street.

Some astrology: Venus (symbolizing love and money) is now in Scorpio (the sign of sex and death and commitment). Bringing your very much alive body down to Occupy Wall Street is the best use of a body I can think of right now. The ongoing Uranus Pluto Square are the gasps, the uprisings, the endings, bloody dots on the map and you have to stand back to see the Big Picture, and I can’t see it at all. I just feel things are changing HERE TOO.

And all of this, really, is about daring to imagine something else. Breaking out of isolation. Say, a day ago (or a year ago) you were laid off and sitting with your head in your hands, wondering how you will pay your bills. How ashamed we are made to feel — of our debt, our unemployment, our underemployment, our inability to be the American Dream.

Well, you can come here, even for an hour, and power-up! You can take this energy and go home STRONG. Repair your life. Repair the world’s. Tikkun Olam.

A couple hours later, I had to leave. Truth is I didn’t want to.

To be continued…

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