The Two-Hour Hour Email Reading

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
V is for Virgo and Vermeer!

Why would anyone want a two-hour reading?

I have done a few of these since introducing them. Most of my clients go for the shorter ones but… the longer reading (by email) I think is uniquely appropriate for what I do. That I write to go deep. That when I write, I travel.  And it’s not just having the time to explore. I mean, that’s part of it too. It’s that I get somewhere, I go places with your chart when I write and I take you with me.  And it happens by process, meaning, over time i.e. the longer reading.  Call it “elbow room.”

I remember once being in a poetry lecture and the professor talking about loving Wallace Stevens poems because of their elbow room. They were long enough, took their time enough, so that you could get lost and find yourself again (my words not hers). Now, I don’t strive to get people lost. I want to bring clarity, mostly how to work with the transits, the energy, what to expect and lately, even more, assisting with ritual.

One can use longer readings for synastry deep diving but also definitely when *you* are the one seeking wisdom, your *own* wisdom, about you.

I didn’t mean this to be a commercial per se.  I was just thinking about the writing process and how I do readings, how I’m growing in how I do readings. I was reflecting as I sent another installment of a longer reading to a client. See, that’s how it works: I don’t use up the 2-hours all at once. We’ve been working in 20 minute emails mostly. I write. She writes back. I continue. Often over a few days.

It’s a matter of trust and process and trusting the process! Very Virgo 🙂

I said to her this morning: every Virgo is a witch and healer. Virgos suffer from too much worry, too many details, but as soon as they are able to activate holy Pisces, their opposite, they come into their own as witches and healers, knowing every herb in the garden.

And you? Are you a witch? 

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And if you want a Mini-Moon reading for the New Moon in Scorpio, I will have time later today and possibly tomorrow as well! Email me to doublecheck moonpluto@gmail

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