The Truth About Soulmates (Part Two)

"venus in leo astrology" Part One is here

Yes I know your family-root messed you up and you bloomed crooked, but it’s not too late. Superb growing can be yours, long and tall like a shoot. Your soulmate can teach you not only how to live with him or her — but how to live with yourself. How to tolerate yourself.

Is it possible to never (get the chance to) live with your soulmate? (In other words, is living together a qualification of soulmatedness?)

I woujd say it is best if you can live with your soulmate and learn from them — simply because the proximity creates more interaction and thus more learning. Is it easy? No. It is hard to breathe the same air. The air grows heavy. Can begin to feel like landlocked hatred.

Not every soul needs or wants these “soulmate lessons.” And there are times of greater or lesser learning. Do you know which phase you are in?

Times of Greater Learning feel like this:  Rapidity, bullet trains, palpitations, fear, fast food, wavy lines, running, whisking, the sound “cha-ching!”

Times of the Lesser Learning feel like this: enjoyment of puzzles and mystery novels. Taking courses. Moon reflections. New sheets of luxury. Long phone calls. Swimming. The abrupt appearance of butterflies, even on clothing. The sound “hmm…”

Times of the Lesser Learning are not empty days weeks years. Times of Lesser Learning are for absorption of information and noticing patterns.

Some souls cycle very quickly. Some souls cycle one moment to the next. One minute entire editions of radiance are downloaded. The next minute they begin to absorb and integrate and pattern. And then in comes another download. You know what? All of this happens outside your conscious awareness. But now you know!

What does this have to do with soulmates? Stay tuned for Part Three 🙂 and the Stars this Week blog post will be up tomorrow. VENUS ENTERS LEO!

P.S. This post has a secret.
Want to know what it is?
Your soulmate, also, is YOU.


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