The Truth About SoulMates AND Jupiter Through My 12th House

"jupiter in leo astrology" Your soulmate’s job is not to make you happy.
Although that sometimes happens.
Your soulmate’s job is to help you grow.
And by that I mean — learn truth. Your soulmate’s job is to help you learn more and more truth about life. Every day.
My soulmate does this for me.

Want I want to teach these days is above and beyond astrology and maps of of stars. And I know not everyone will be on board with this. I know not everyone will understand. But that’s always been the case with me and my writing. Some get it and some don’t. Response does not always equal understanding.

I’m embracing more my role as teacher. I always rejected it. Both my mother and father were teachers.

Is there a role you are embracing now? Realizing it is yours?ย 

Jupiter is the teacher, transiting my 12th so that is what I have to bring you: 12th House knowledge, 12th House information, 12th House spirit, 12th House story, 12th House truth.

I hope you’ll stay with me as I do this–

What is the 12th House? It’s the House of meditation and magic and the witch. It’s a really interesting time to get a reading from me ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s the house of solitude and sorrow — but with Jupiter there? ๐Ÿ™‚ Jupiter lifts up his big paw to shake your big paw, licks your face.

Jupiter is a horse made of jasmine. Jupiter is restoration and remedy. Jupiter rules blessings. I suggest you find transiting Jupiter in your chart, the LEO part of your chart, because you have a story there. Jupiter rules wealth. You have more than one story there ๐Ÿ™‚

Really interesting astrology this weekend: Sun and Mercury in Leo trine Uranus and squaring Saturn. Brilliant ideas that you’re afraid of i.e. you don’t trust them.

And then theย Full Moon in Aquarius. Uranus has come to liberate you. I suggest you celebrate. The square to Saturn is a matter of respect. Pay tribute to the wise teachers, to the gods. Put something fresh on the altar. Wipe it down. The house is also a body. Take care of your body. Take care of your house (the Moon). Your Full Moon in Aquarius is your body, your house, bursting with a blaze of inspiration and an intuitive vibration that is so high in frequency, and rushes past you so fast, all you see is the beautiful blur like a bright blue crinkling cellophane candy wrapper. Yes, you are right — the gods do wag their finger at you — but not to bring you down, not because you were bad; they are playful in their wagging. They are here to remind you of your DUTY. Both Uranus AND Saturn rule Aquarius. Learn the rules and then break them, my love. It is your duty TO LIVE.

And about SoulMates: just in case my news depressed you, it is truly nothing to be depressed about. And I have a feeling that if you are reading my blog, this is NOT news to you at all but something you’ve already felt many times, especially when wondering why you are struggling so — with the person in your life or with NOT having a person in your life.

To be continuedโ€ฆย 

There will be a TAROT class forming in late August. Details to come. What I have in mind right now is a 4 week class – each week with a different focus but also plenty of room to roam and ask questions on any Tarot topic, from individual cards to techniques, etc. I definitely want a week on the Celtic Cross — going deeper into this spread. Details to come.

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