The Triggering Town And The Scorpio Moon Sink

"moon in scorpio"

Truth is I feel kinda wooden under the Scorpio Moon. My 3rd House. Below the horizon. My brain. Squares my Venus in Leo. The energy always feels heavy to me.

When the Moon enters Sagittarius, I feel relief, even though the Moon will then square my Moon and Pluto conjunction in Virgo.

But no. Wait.  Something else was, is, triggering me. The Moon, yes, in so far as the Moon is FEELINGS but sometimes, sometimes, it’s not the transit. 


The Triggering Town is the name of a book of prose by Richard Hugo. Can’t remember if I read it as an undergrad or in graduate school but I loved it. Richard Hugo was a poet and this book wasn’t a how-to write poetry but it made you want to write poetry although of course if this book was in your hands then you already were. Writing poetry.

He talked about the Triggering Town being that first impulse that brought the poem into being. But I want to use his phrase differently–

All the stuff that triggers you throughout the day… think of each of those triggers as a town. With a sheriff. And a post office. And a general store. And people who live there. Children and dogs. People passing through. People passing through this town of yours.

And then think: does the town have walls? Are they high? Are they formidable? Are there cracks in the walls so that the sun, the truth, can get through? So that others can get through? And deliver messages? And medicine?


Being triggered, being a person who gets triggered, means you always have to trace yourself back to some other time, the origin of the town, when the town was established. This takes work, time, attention and oh man did I sink BEFORE I realized that it wasn’t the Scorpio Moon at all.

Or was it? The Moon is trine Chiron now. Moon-Medicine.

And you know what? If it’s a person who has triggered you? A real live person and not a ghost? They have towns too and their towns have walls and you sometimes get to a point when you realize there IS NO POINT. Anymore. The walls. They shall not be breached. Or reached. They shall remain. Intact. Until the next attempt.

Do I sound morbid? Go ahead and blame that on the Scorpio Moon 😉

Love, MP

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