The Tree Of Life And The Transiting Node

"tree of life"I want to find the Tree of Life IN life. I want it less abstract. My studies in kabbalah got derthroned for a bit. Work got busy and my play is in rehearsal and the book of mystical teachings that I had planned to read cover to cover is sitting over there.

What I wind up doing is obsessively visiting Google Images and gazing at pictures of the Tree of Life with the astrological, tarot, chakral correspondences. God is in the details says the Sun and Mercury in Virgo 🙂

I want to touch this tree.

And when I talk about the Tree of Life here I mean: understanding.

Astrology is one way. Tarot is another way. Mysticism of all kinds. And love and sex. More ways to know God. Intimacy. To receive is the root meaning of the Hebrew word Kabbalah. Reminds me of the transiting Node now in Scorpio which corresponds to the 8th House: that which is shared, that which we share, give and receive. Having sex alone is 2nd House NOT 8th House 😉

More than ten years ago, when I was traditionally religious, or trying to be, I had NO desire to know God. I didn’t understand even what that meant and WHY that was the pursuit of men. Ironically, years later, I’m THERE. I want to KNOW.

Find late Scorpio in your chart and you’ll find that transiting Node. It’s on my Neptune now. The Tree of Life is in the air but its branches reach down towards here, the seekers, the ones who want and wait.

The late degrees of Scorpio in your chart is EXACTLY where you need to be.

Love, MP

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