The Transformation Of MoonPluto

"day of the dead"
Moon Pluto is death and marries death

I am tired of death. The yellow dog I was writing about the other day (previous post here) has lymphoma. Shocking to go from a spritely 6 year old to feeble. But I realize this is part of my job now, to help the people, to help the dog. And I heard from another one as well, another person who had to put her cat down. When I said death was around me (or, endings, to put it nicely), I wasn’t being dramatic. I was feeling it. And this isn’t a new story.

Transiting Mars (force) is squaring my natal Uranus (sudden) and transiting Pluto (death) is right there too. The yellow dog has no choice but to be sick and the yellow dog is being taken care of by her people, I don’t doubt that. But the shock is… shocking.

I texted someone the other day: Saturn is ALSO death. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. He wrote back to me: ALL the planets are death planets.


Birth and death are our 8th house bookends. And really what else is there? Beauty? Fuck that. Never had any interest in beauty. I just don’t care.

It’s this lesson again, Uranian, in how things change and change fast. Uranus grabs you by the neck (as my first astrologer said to me) every 7 years and says “Yer coming with me!”

So I am tired of death, sick of it, weary. I’d like to affix something else to my Moon, if you don’t mind. Like a jellybean. Or a dish of ice cream. Or a glass of whisky. How come I’m only thinking of food and drink 😉

I really *really* want to go out dancing. Stupid dancing. Like we did in college at the gay clubs. Far too much loud Madonna and bad beer and the room would spin later on, after the bar closed at 2 am and… I had a drunk boyfriend then, well, for some of those days. One summer he came to live with me and my roommate and…

Mars is in Cancer, folks! This is THE time to eat and drink 🙂 The Cardinal Grand Cross wants YOU not to go hungry… so what’ll it be?

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