The Tower Card AGAIN!

"pluto in the 7th house"I KEEP seeing this damn card!

In my creativity class in MoonPlutoLand (my virtual classroom), I gave our fearless magicians a Tarot homework assignment. I’ll spare you the details except to say that we did little readings for each other and one of my cards was the Tower.

And then this morning there was another exercise and I drew one for myself: THE TOWER.

I get nervous when I see the Tower because I can think of two times when seeing this card did indeed precipitate bad shit.

But then I had a revelation. I had to reframe the Tower.

It’s not always CHANGE. It can be fear of change. Fear of rocking the boat. Fear of standing up for what I want. And that THAT has got to go.

Because, here on earth, if we don’t make decisions? They get made FOR us. Life has a way of keeping you prisoner or throwing you out the window. Until you take a side. (Hear that, Sun in Libra?)

My teacher used to say about certain transits: are you going to go kicking and screaming, or…

And on a related note:

it’s your job to take on the role of the transiting planet. This is from another discussion in MoonPlutoLand (and yes there will probably be a 3rd class). If you don’t embody the high side of the planet, it will come AT you, from the outside and yeah it might do that ANYWAY but at least you’ll have… maybe… a bit more solid ground under your feet. Even one friend. Half a friend. Is helpful during the hard rains.

An example: Pluto going through your 7th? Don’t get manipulated. Don’t get owned. And don’t you do that shit either. Master your Pluto power. Meditate on all the 1:1 interactions in your world and what YOU do.

Uranus through your 8th?  Don’t wait for unsettling news to disturb you. Cause a little disturbance yourself. Assert yourself in 8th House matters. Want to be a medium? Try it!

Same applies to The Tower. Succumbing to fear is you keeping you prisoner. When you see this card, you know what time it is. The time has come. To be the Tower 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

What keeps you from moving forward? 

Love, MP


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