The Tower As Advice (Part Two)

"jupiter goes direct" I don’t know what to break.
I don’t know what to break now or next — at all.

I was just writing about getting the Tower as advice for my Beliefnet post today (look here for the link) and it’s really got me thinking so this is a bit of a Part Two.

Thinking about the current astro landscape as well as my own personal transits, with Uranus and Pluto aspecting my natal Sun in Cancer.

We’ve come through two eclipses but we know the full ramifications and manifestations are not here yet. Jupiter is now direct (hallelujah). Saturn is retrograde. Pluto goes retrograde on the 15th.

Outer planets going retrograde: opportunities for rest? Or brick walls?

It’s like our.. Major Arcana cards suddenly reverse themselves. Think of the Tower reversed: you’re NOT FALLING. You’re stuck, imprisoned. Ew. What if Saturn never moved forward but only backwards. Like that. Gross. But for some of us, our very lives feel like that. No progress. Tower reversed. Retrograde planets. Prison or endless vacation. No goals, no work, no accomplishment, no purpose.

fool(Aha more insight into the card pulled today: Tower as advice i.e. DO THIS i.e. it’s a good thing. What do you need to break?)

That’s the bigger picture, along with planets in mid-Aries (squaring Pluto) and Venus entering Gemini this weekend okay okay this is good. We like Gemini by transit. We like messenger Mercury. I’m a homebody so Gemini Season makes me talk a bit more 🙂

But back to the TOWER (just where you wanted to go, right?)

The Tower as advice:
-you need to jump
-you need to push (people, situations) out of your life.

It’s VERY Full Moon Eclipsey.


Last night this thought was in my head. About patches or bandaids. I mean, if your boat is sinking, if your body is bleeding out, sticking your finger in the hole is not a good enough solution. You’ll drown. You ARE drowning.

What helps? Getting quiet. Get quiet first. Turn off the phone, computer, television. You need to hear your own heart.

If you don’t break the Tower, will it break you? 
Is it really about other people? 
Who/what will break your fall? 
Where do you land?

I pulled the Fool right after and I was saying that, for me, Tower and Fool are reinforcing cards but Tower is the Fool in all caps (and then some). You can go kicking and screaming (as my teacher used to say about hard transits) or you can surrender (as Isabel Hickey says about Pluto transits).

What do you choose? And is it really a choice? Let me know in the comments or come visit me on Facebook 🙂