The Things That Have Never Happened (Grey’s Anatomy + Pluto opposition Sun)

"pluto opposition sun" The other day I was having a conversation with a friend about Pluto.

Pluto opposed her Sun when she was a kid (or teenager — can’t remember now). Pluto is opposing my Sun now.

I thought to myself:

this is the first time for me. It’s never happened before. No wonder I don’t know what to do or think or expect.

Some folks are born with Pluto opposing their Sun. Others will never experience it. I am experiencing it and it’s all new. This is much needed context. And really there is nothing that I’ve found outside myself (yet) that has been helpful, not even from much respected writers of astrology.

Other news:

last night’s Grey’s Anatomy and the death of Derek Shepherd. Anyone who knows me knows I am a long-time Grey’s fan — and I continue to re-watch it on Netflix. I wish I had the words for how much this show has meant to me–

I remember when I first saw it — end of Season One or beginning of Season Two. I was living in a basement apartment in Brooklyn and had I really moved with that big ugly t.v.?

No, I must have bought it in the neighborhood, had it delivered. And there was Meredith Grey at the bar hoping that Derek would pick her, choose her. I grow with the show. Certain arcs or story lines mean more to me now, make more sense. Not sure my life resembles 2004/2005 at all and why should it? But still. A thread or two would be nice. Are they there? The threads?

So much upheaval in one small life, kind of like Meredith Grey’s (what transits must she be under?), it’s hard for me to imagine what this new major transit could bring. Another move. Another relationship. A change in work. A change in health. That’s everything, right? That’s enough. Love. Work. Money. Purpose. Spirit. AHA.

Let us not let the major transits scare us merely. It’s temping to do so. And it’s easy.

There was an emotional depth (and comforting humanness? quirkiness? unpretentiousness?) to this show that I’d never seen anywhere else. I’ll be loyal until the end even though it’s a far cry from what it once was, in my opinion. Kind of like the difference between me then and me now although I hope the me now is better.

There comes a time when we just want life delivered, like that big t.v. to my basement apartment. Know what I mean? And good t.v. shows do that for us. They deliver us.


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