The Thigh’s The Thing: Sun In Sagittarius

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
jacob and the angel

The thigh is associated with Sagittarius. And I don’t necessarily refer to the biblical story of Jacob and the Angel, when they wrestled, and Jacob’s thigh got injured, but you can keep that in your mind during this blog post if you want.

I love a good bible story.

When I was young, I found fault with my body. Nothing special about that, but now that I’m older and wearing that NYC winter-special style, leggings and knee-high boots so often… I’ve fallen in love with my thighs and away from the curse of childhood.

Not long ago, I was squatting in the kitchen, probably feeding the cats or eating a bowl of rice or just resting and my roommate noticed it, remarked: you must be strong! Doesn’t that hurt?

It didn’t hurt. I am strong.

Never complain about your body, says the Sun in Sagittarius. Have perspective. Many people don’t even HAVE the body part you are complaining about so STFU.

And do not ask for suffering but know that suffering is golden — turn it around for the benefit of others, make it your gift, and you know this is true if you can get up off the floor long enough to see the horizon. Perspective. Sun in Sagittarius.

The thighs are a ladder — echos of the biblical Jacob again, dreaming — above them is the reproductive center and below them are the knees and you can see how this relates astrologically because Sagittarius links Scorpio (genitals) and Capricorn (bones/knees). Sagittarius is this ladder, this link, this bridge, a soft fleshy giving ladder, link, and bridge, made for kisses while the Sun is in Sagittarius.

Every day on the train, the parade of bodies, shapes, sizes, colors, yes, energies, and when the Sun is in Sagittarius, ask yourself: where am I going because Sagittarius is the worldly, the traveler, philosophically rambling on strong legs, and he’ll get there. Eventually.

Will you? 

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