The Temperance Card: MIXOLOGY (The Stars Today, This Week)

Busy day for me and I am taking a blog break!

We are coming off a brutal (by my standards) heatwave in the Big City. Right now, amazing, I am sitting here with just my fan and am okay. Twenty degrees cooler than yesterday: BETTER. (Late breaking news flash: turned the air back on!)

As I type this, the Moon is now in CAPRICORN which could explain the BACK TO WORK feeling you are feeling (are you feeling it?).

Also, Mercury is NOW DIRECT in Cancer at 13 degrees. You may feel wobbly for a few days yet so take it easy, and I will take this advice myself. Mercury in Cancer communicates indirectly, silently, or not at all. Mixed messages, but not on purpose. CANCERS MEAN WELL even when they hide in their shell. They have delicate electricity and short circuit easily!

The other big news is water water everywhere: Mars in Cancer is TRINE Neptune and Saturn and I know the Moon in Capricorn will oppose (argue with!) Mars (and Jupiter) but I still think this is good energy for getting things done. IN FACT, even if how you feel now SUCKS, you are performing well under pressure (HELLO CAPRICORN). In fact, you’re ahead of schedule NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL (yes I am yelling again) SO QUIT WORRYING AND HAVE ANOTHER HERBAL TEA (or whatever) 😉

Jupiter is past an exact trine to Neptune and Saturn but still in the mix far as I’m concerned. Mars and Jupiter together is big and brave and angry, but in Cancer? HOLDING IT IN AND ABOUT TO POP ANY SECOND and gaining on an opposition to power-struggle-loving PLUTO (not even going to mention the square to Uranus shh). Addicts have a hard week this upcoming week THEY NEED THEIR DRUGS. Dare you offer them hugs not drugs? Ha! Try it anyway. CANCERS WILL NEED YOUR HELP. EARTH PEOPLE PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR WATER FRIENDS THEY NEED YOU.

Okay, MoonPluto, one thing at a time. Don’t even think about the Cancer/Pluto opposition yet! Stay in the moment. This MOMENT IS TENSE AND INTENSE so what to do?

Are you feeling this? Feed Cancer. What does Cancer need? NUTRIENTS and a shoulder to cry on. Not a slap but a hug. TOUCH SOMEONE TODAY (well, a willing someone).

I pulled THE TEMPERANCE CARD for someone this morning, the angel alchemist doing his/her mixology and that’s my advice for you too today and into next week — COOPERATION, with yourself, with others. That’s how you get stuff done. A little of this a little of that. Don’t try to win today. Don’t try to win next week.  Mars will oppose Pluto next week. There WILL be a stand-off. Practice peace NOW and get your story straight. This energy is building already SO PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES EACH MORNING TO GROUND AND CENTER. Cancer is obsessed with roots so DIG IN.


Does this make sense? I know this post is a little all over the place but mainly what I’m trying to say is THERE IS A REASON YOU FEEL ALL OVER THE PLACE shhhhh turn off the lights, take a deep breath and..


THANK YOU to a regular reader of my blog who tipped me today and it wasn’t just a tip it was a “tithe” and this reminded me that I also want to return to this practice.

Stay tuned for news of the Aquarius Full Moon and scroll down for info about my upcoming class with Matthew, part man, part horse, part astrologer, and full body entertainer! Make him happy and sign up today. Class begins MONDAY. It will be fun 🙂

Love, MP


Yes! You can still join the VENUS & MARS class with me and Matthew Currie.

The PayPal link was having some problems so contact me if you have questions or want to register OR just go to the FEED THE MOON link on my site, left sidebar.

Check out THIS LINK and THIS LINK  (and one more for more details here) for information or just email me at moonpluto@gmail.

We’d love to have you. All levels, skill-sets welcome. Discussion-based course plus materials posted. Drop-in course and we’ll be in and out throughout the day, taking care of y’all. I have Sun, Mercury, Mars in Cancer. He has Ascendent and Moon in Cancer. You want love? You got it! (And fun – can’t forget his Sun in Sagittarius). 

We’ll be talking about Mars and Venus through the signs and houses, how these energies manifest, AND in YOUR chart. AND MORE. 

Questions? Email me. Also, I am still doing Readings while the class is going on but possibly at a slower pace. Schedule now if you think something major is coming however I still will try to make room for my regular clients and emergency peeps.

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