The Tattoo Inside You And The Hidden Life Of Libra

"libra"Just now I was reading last night’s comments in MoonPlutoLand, the 2nd class, the one on Creativity and the 5th House, and a gal mentioned sometimes being afraid to speak.

That when she starts to speak, she gets all emotional. Her Airy Sun isn’t so comfortable with those feelings.

And I wrote back to her that sometimes before I publish a blog post that thought crosses my mind too. I’ll be criticized. And sometimes I am.

But then I think FUCK IT. That’s the stronger feeling.

And I wrote that’s the tattoo inside me. I picture it in my belly. Made me smile 🙂 In other words: I don’t care what *you* think. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. The right people, my people, will find me. 

I have no personal planets in Libra in my natal. Can you tell? 😉 And Pallas Athena (Warrior) lives in my 7th. I may be a little low on beauty, grace, and charm 😉 But I got other guns.

We often tag that “need” to be liked to Libra, people-pleasing, peace-keeping, etc. But let’s turn those cliches inside out, shall we?

Do any of the Libras reading this want to chime in? 


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