The Tarot Videos Are Back + Weekend Stars

"venus square jupiter"Follow my business page on Facebook. Keep up with the videos that way. And see my flat ironed hair 🙂 Not posting on YouTube these days. Here’s the link to the FB page. You don’t need a FB account to see the videos. Actually that link may be to the most recent video. Here’s the link to the page itself.

riday: Moon in Aries all day. A couple solid sweet aspects but otherwise it’s wild. Moon square Pluto. Moon conjunct Uranus. Moon inconjunct Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter (it’s a Yod, yes). Moon square Venus in Capricorn. Your feelings on drugs.

The good stuff: Moon sextile Sun in the pm. Moon trine Saturn in the am (wee hours for the West Coast of the U.S.).

How Friday goes for you depends on how you generally fare under an Aries Moon. How hot do you like your fire? 

Saturday: MERCURY ENTERS AQUARIUS! Remember Aquarius? 🙂 We’ve been under this long Saturnian Mercury transit and ENOUGH ALREADY. Too harsh. Too stern. No fun! Cancers rejoice as Mercury moves along! Mercury in Aquarius is brilliant. No one would disagree. BUT… for some this energy can be a little off-putting. Or a lot! Why? It’s disruptive. It’s surprising. I know these are astro-cliches BUT THEY ARE TRUE. I love Aquarius people but they are disruptive. And surprising! Sometimes we just want to have a relaxing conversation but in my experience that is not possible with the Uranian. NOT POSSIBLE WITH THE URANIAN. There is an inherent challenge. To your sanity of the moment. They can’t help it!

Also on Saturday: Mars sextile Jupiter. Moon enters Taurus.
Sunday: Moon in Taurus Moon in Taurus Moon in Taurus for Valentine’s Day.

Summary: Friday is the diciest day with Saturday and Sunday far more stable and downright enjoyable. Who doesn’t love sensual Taurus Moon for the heart holiday? True we have a couple of irritating aspects on Sunday (Moon Mars and Moon square Aquarius Sun) but overall sweetness.

Do you have a Valentine? Want one? 


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