The Tarot Readers Of Coney Island

"moon conjunct mars" No, not that Coney Island. A different one. One you’ve never been to. Never heard of. And I’m not going to get all poetic here and tell you it’s a Coney Island of the mind. It was an actual place and there was an actual ocean nearby and there was ice cream and hot dogs. There was a ferris wheel, a boardwalk and a beach. But it wasn’t “that” Coney Island. This was different. 

And among the denizens of this other Coney Island were the Tarot readers. Otherwise known as fortune tellers 🙂 Back in the day, when I was there, there were five of them. Two men and three women. 

Thus begins our tale…
To be continued…

How was yesterday’s New Moon in Gemini for you? I remembered it conjunct my MidHeaven but forgot it was squaring my Ascendent/Descendent. Far as New Moons go, not my favorite. About as emotional as a Full Moon for me. Over the top. And trine Mars in Libra. I had a lot to say. About relationships! About myself.

Notable Stars: yesterday Venus entered lazy Taurus and this morning Mercury entered resilient Cancer. Interesting that Mercury won’t spend too long in the sign of the crab before turning retrograde on June 7th. Can you believe it’s almost June??

TMI alert: I usually bleed when the Moon is in Cancer. Lately like clockwork, when the Moon conjoins my Mars and I’m paying close attention this week because I’m wondering if I’ll be late and that my cycle is switching over to Moon in Virgo ha! Moon conjunct my Pluto. That would be fun 😉 Ladies in your blood years, do you track the Moon cycle this way?

I thought about deleting that paragraph above but THIS IS MY LIFE. This is my blog 🙂 And my devoted readers want THE REAL.

Taurus and Cancer. Planets now in Taurus and Cancer. I like this. A sextile. Harmonious! But you know what they say — earth and water = mud. Stubborn plus indirect! Going nowhere slowly! So could it be a blessing that Mercury goes retrograde and this sextile is short lived? Shakes things up? There is *something* in that Gemini part of your chart that will require a do-over. I have an idea of what it will mean for me — my 10th House. Some work projects that got delayed and now get revisited and kneaded through finally. The dough is ready to rise, my friends.

You’ll see. Lost pieces get found. Puzzle completed. Choose your metaphor!

I’m going to go eat my breakfast now but let me leave you with this one thought about the weekend: Moon in Cancer. Gonna be emotional. Cancer is one of those “cardinal” signs so it will aspect Mars in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer. It will also trine Saturn and Pisces. An EXCELLENT weekend for scrapbooking. Oh good lord I have NEVER said that in my life EVER but I FEEL it (says my Sun Mercury Mars in the crab). Define scrapbook however you want. De-cluttering? Organizing? Sorting through memories or through emotions. Cutting and pasting. Looking at pictures. Or old movies. Or the past. Indulging in nostalgia. Tears. Taking pictures. Now and then. Who are you? Six of Cups all the way. Past meets present.

What’s for breakfast? 

Love, MP

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