The Sun: Leaving Sagittarius, Entering Capricorn

"new moon in capricorn 2011"
feel the fear and do it anyway

I had a Dark Night of the Soul last night. A dark 24-hours really. Basically… it was time for me to stop hiding (from myself) and deal with something that I didn’t want to deal with, something I’d been avoiding for YEARS. Do you know the feeling? And it caused me no small amount of terror to finally do it!

I’m right on time though. The Sun in Capricorn compels us to grow up. Sun in Sagittarius is the boy. Sun in Capricorn (Saturn) is the man. We all follow this trajectory of the stars, the heavens month by month.

So the time was right TODAY for me to do what I did, to stop hiding, avoiding, to get the thing in motion… but maybe yesterday would have been fine too. Or… five years ago.


And the thing I’m talking about does concern money and my self-value but that’s just the tippy-top of the matter. Saturn is transiting my 2nd House.

Where is your transiting Saturn? What are you defining? That house is where you are hard at work.

And then I hear this in my head “It would have been fine either way. Today, yesterday, or five years ago.” But now, today, I was strong enough to deal with it and during my, yes, Dark Night of the Soul, I kept seeing the Strength card in my head, taming the beast which is so often only our fear. Only. Fear is enough to wreck a man. Or woman. But our souls can’t really be hurt. We can be traumatized, sure, but we remain pure.

Now what the fuck does this have to do with the Sun in Capricorn? Timing. It’s all about timing. Saturn is time and timing and the Lord of Karma, and we live our lives (don’t we?) in harmony with the heavens. We try to. To work with the energy, not struggle against it.

And I knew that if I fell? I’d fall into strong arms, a net of pure gold. The Sun’s fire. (As well as the (transiting) Grand Trine in my chart due to Venus in Aquarius.)

Remember, the Sun and New Moon will be conjunct PLUTO. What’s your change? Emotional? Physical? Metaphysical? Sexual?

There is magic in Saturn (who rules Capricorn) and Neptune currently in opposition in the sky: taking responsibility + having faith … when all seems terrifying.

Now this thought didn’t keep me from tossing and turning in the night but I completed the day’s business and moved forward.

How will you embody the Sun in Capricorn? Are you growing up? 

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