The Sun Is Still In Pisces

Sometimes the Tarot shows us not where we’re at, but what we want. It’s tricky like that. I can pull a card and think “Oh, it’s coming! On the way!”

But no — sometimes it’s just the dream.

The Sun is still in Pisces. It’s still dream time. We’re reaching the end of the cycle. Aries begins the Astrological New Year later this month so while we’re still in Pisces… remember your dream.

DreamS. All of them. Can you do that?

In recent posts I’ve been talking about chakras — root chakra, throat chakra, tonight let it be the heart chakra which I am connecting to the Sun in Pisces.

And you might say but Moon Pluto! Pisces is water and mystical and the heart chakra is… yep. Exactly. Love. Tenderness. Who knows this better than Pisces and Neptune and the 12th House? Love without borders.

Do you remember the first dream you ever had? Can you see it in your chart? 


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