The Stopping Place: Mars In Virgo Wants You To Slow Down

"mars in virgo"

I talk a lot lately about “growing up” on here, due to my Saturn transit but it’s my Mars transit, to my 1st house, that wants to talk about “slowing down” and the challenge of that when Mars is in the 1st i.e. Nature’s Energy Boost!

This morning I woke up thinking: I have got to slow down. I have got to stop running. Because I have no idea the landscape of my life at this moment because I am always moving. Not paying attention.

I have my other job, I’m doing readings, I’m running for the train, I’m running to the gym, I’m running late, I’m blogging, I’m worrying about money, fighting with my cell phone, navigating my love life, I’m hoping the apartment will clean itself, food shopping, laundry, cats…

I have stopped creating the stopping place.

Virgo is the quotidian, daily life. Mars goes retrograde later this month. It will be time to… here comes that phrase... Take Stock: how you are living the Virgo House in your chart, where you put your energy, how much, and why and… what you need to, yes, FIX. Or save. Or adjust. Or cure. The answer will be in the details.

So all the strides or changes or increases or losses that you’ve made since Mars entered Virgo… well the time is coming for you to analyze (Virgo) and be critical (Virgo) and discern (Virgo) and change what needs to be changed after… processing (Virgo) ALL OF IT. And ask yourself: is it too late?

Have you been feeling Marsy? Do you create a stopping place?

Note to self: less coffee less coffee less coffee less coffee less coffee less coffee

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