The Stars Tomorrow! No Exact Aspects :)

"moon void of course"Had an afternoon with friends today and I can’t remember the last time I did that. An old friend (Sagittarius Sun) and her two daughters (Sagittarius and Virgo, but both with Virgo Moons).

I could talk to these folks for hours on end and it was a weird feeling. Most of my social time these days is spent 1:1, me and a pal, but there I was in a room full of people. She had guests. So much energy!

No doubt the ease of the day was in part due to the good transits, some happy Moon transits and Mercury trine Uranus. Snappy conversation absolutely. Effortless flow!

Tomorrow, Sunday, the Moon is Void of Course all day. And according to my book here there are no exact aspects in the sky. Some may write-off this day completely but if you can’t afford to do that, then at least take it easy. I think the energy will be less intense but also diffuse.

I’m feeling a bit at a loss for words at the moment so I am going to pull a card around the best way to spend Sunday: shuffling, shuffling shuffling….

Take a chill pill is the advice here 🙂 Wheel of Fortune.

You don’t have to work every minute of every day to see results. The results sometimes come in when you look away. In fact, you have to look away. Things are not as bleak as they seem and they will get better. Spin the big wheel. There is a more expansive feeling only slightly out of reach.

One other piece of advice (yes, I pulled another card): you are safe. It is safe to love. Safe to give. You spend so much time with such a tight heart damn it quit holding your breath and just… but I can’t convince you, can I? You have to feel it yourself. Well do whatever you can so that you CAN feel it.

Love, MP