The Stars Tomorrow: Masculine Mutable Fire

I went to the Serenity Spa today seeking serenity. They had groovy music playing.

The woman working on me was fast, efficient, and didn’t hurt me one bit.

Yes, my friends, I got my nails done and yes I did tip well and yes it’s a lovely shade of pink and yes the woman sitting next to me had a ROCK on her: silver wedding band and huge engagement ring and she got dark dark dark polish but not as dark as her dark hair and she was thin, frail, and when she left I tried to get a look at her face as she walked down the street, and I wondered who gave her that rock and how happy she was or wasn’t. I don’t judge. But I do wonder. She also tipped big.

This week is that kind of week. We look over to the other side, to the person next to us, wondering what they’re doing, how they’re doing, who they’re doing. Are they doing it right? Do we want what they’re having? Do you want what YOU’RE having?

Now I already wrote about the Stars This Week but I want to make a few points about tomorrow, the 8th, if you don’t mind 🙂

Mercury inconjunct Uranus: this is your brain on drugs 😉

Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. Mercury supreme. Mercury is fast. Uranus is faster.

YES IT WILL FEEL WARP SPEED tomorrow. Moon in Sagittarius. Need I say more? Well actually yes I do. Mercury conjoins Saturn. The morning completes itself in a flurry rush and dash, but then STOP RIGHT THERE. YOU ARE HERE. Saturn says STOP. In other words, pay attention. Get in the habit of paying attention. Is it time to talk about Spirit Guides again?

You don’t have to believe this stuff, but I’m curious if you do. If you feel watched over, guided. 

I bring this up because I believe tomorrow is an excellent day for GUIDE-WATCHING and catching.

Mercury + Uranus = CONTACT.

Plus, Moon in Sagittarius conjoins Venus (feels good!) and trines Uranus. It may feeeeeel crazy at times (every hour on the hour), but trust your instincts.

What you feel is real.

I was going to end the post right this moment BUT I FEEL A CARD COMING ON.

Shuffling, shuffling, shuffling….

Okay I decided to pull more than one.

ACE OF SWORDS was my first pull. Victory after struggle. This big sword cuts and hurts but…

Then I did 3-cards. SEVEN OF WANDS is you. How many battles you fighting? Are you wasting your energy? 

FIVE OF SWORDS is the potential repeat of the day. You fear defeat. Sorry about that. I feel that way sometimes too. 

But the result? NINE OF CUPS.

In other words: in the words of my buddy Suzi, could be day for Vitamin X 😉

OR is it all in your head? A bit. Swords set our teeth on edge but here’s my advice: 

LISTEN TO THE SAGITTARIUS. If not to a real live one, then to the Moon in Sag itself and go LARGER THAN LIFE. Be generous with your faith in yourself and others, and, above all, ENJOY the messages that get through. They are just for you. 


Love, MP


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