The Stars Today: Wrestling With Angels (THE RAGE STAYS)

If you want me to lead you through the dark wood, I can do that. I’ve got a torch here. I’ve got animal companions, a safe space, something warm on the stove.

Help you deal with the broken emotions — using charts and cards, whatever I have to give.

Perfectionism, fear, expectations, fantasies, ghosts, invalidation, sadness…

I’m not a doctor (or lawyer or government official). I’m a teacher. (I think COACH is the trendy word. Or has that been replaced already?) And oh man I never wanted to be a teacher, right Ma? Right!

Saturn in my natal 9th trine Moon and Pluto in my 1st. I wrestle with angels, dark ones, light ones, fighting fire with fire. And water 🙂 And earth. And air 🙂 It’s all ELEMENTAL.

I’m on a  rampage these days. A rage. AND I SHOULD DEFINE MY TERMS. I’m not talking about raging against anyone or blaming anyone but this BLOOD (life) ENERGY in me. Lust for learning. Lust for life, for sharing, for writing.

See, I LIKE my feelings. I LIKE feeling.

We were talking about the Tarot card STRENGTH in the Moon Lodge (chat room B) and I shared one of my favorite interpretations: strength through rage. Self-esteem through rage. Righteous anger. COURAGE. In the words of Mary K. Greer: GUIDANCE FROM RAGE. (And I love the image of the woman and the lion – she has mastered her animal soul.)

By “rage” I don’t mean violence. And I don’t mean hurting anyone. It’s just MY word for… energy. Should I find a better word? Maybe 🙂 But for the time being, RAMPAGE and RAGE suit me fine. It’s Aquarius Season. Shall I call it current? NO. NOT STRONG ENOUGH. It’s MESSIER than that. It’s LIVELIER than that.


Jupiter in Cancer is opposing VENUS and PLUTO in Capricorn.

And Jupiter is trine Chiron. Venus and Pluto are sextile Chiron.

Can you see this in your head? Energy shooting up from the 4th House. Energy shooting down from the 10th! Angels going up the ladder, angels going down the ladder. And all are activating the “natural” 12th House!

ARIES AND LIBRA PEOPLE (at the mid degrees or so) TAKE NOTE. LISTEN UP. YOU ARE BEING TAUGHT A LESSON BY CANCER AND CAPRICORN and this is your FATE so listen up to the lesson.

Thing is: I can’t tell you specifically what it is. I don’t know YOUR chart or YOUR life. But I can tell you it’s major.

And the image that comes to mind for me is the 8 of Swords, that is YOU, that blindfolded figure, all tied up (Rider Waite version). They say she could set herself free (they love to say that!). That her imprisonment is self-imposed. That 8 of Swords figure is the Aries-Libra axis in your chart. The relationship obsessed people-pleasers and the self-obsessed lone wolves. And whatever HOUSES Aries/Libra represents for you.

(Hint: TIME TO STOP BEING and DOING either/or! You must do BOTH/AND!)

See, Cancer and Capricorn (heavenly mother, heavenly father, spiritual guidance) are circling you, circling the fire, you tied to the stake, the ropes, the beliefs, and Cancer and Capricorn are HERE TO TELL YOU, HERE TO SHOW YOU…


That is all.
For now.

Love, MP
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