The Stars Today: Work of Love (Venus Sextile Saturn)

"venus sextile saturn" I felt like a cripple walking home-

I know this metaphor is extreme but there are many ways to feel crippled. One of my knees is a little sore – plyometrics will do that – and the wind. It is so fucking windy out, the crazy wind that makes it hard to walk –

And I was walking home from the store with my blue cart of stuff but the cart is at a funny height and the sidewalk is bumpy with grooves and the cart stops, gets stuck (and banged my other knee).

Realized I had to change my course. I stopped. Stood there. Thought.
Decided to go back to pulling the cart up the hill, harder to do when the groceries are heavy.
Push versus pull but necessary.

Of course this is a metaphor for whatever you are going through. Sometimes you have to push and not pull. Pull and not push. The cart is full and heavy and the wind makes it hard to move forward but you do it anyway because you have to get home. The cats are hungry and the cream will rot if you just STAND THERE so don’t just stand there.


Everything is different now. You feeling this? The changing of the guard i.e. the NODES into Virgo Pisces. Venus and Mars in Libra matter too — we’ll get sextiles to Saturn in Sagittarius (Venus sextile Saturn today and squares to Pluto in Capricorn. And of course Libra opposes Uranus in Aries but Venus and Mars in Libra are pretty much here today gone tomorrow. The Nodes however. The Nodes however. The Nodes frame your life. Know that the South Node will try to drown and disrupt you and that the North will set you free.

Was talking to a client this morning down on her luck. She didn’t get the job. I thought she would. The guy she likes is busy. She’s busy. Things aren’t coming together so much as… not falling apart but. Feels Hanged Man to me. Waiting. And it feels like forever and that feels like too long. Spring and summer 2016 looked better and I’ve never seen Jupiter do absolutely NOTHING. The money WILL improve with Jupiter through her 2nd House.

Otherwise in the landscape Neptune goes direct next week and the Saturn Neptune square is getting closer closer closer. To me this feels like flickering lights. You think you see hope and faith on the horizon but then big bad Saturn puts you in your place. Please? asks Neptune. Nope says Saturn. Try again.

I only want to see Venus and Saturn happy together so I’m glad for today’s sextile. When the aspect is hard, the heart grows hard, wants to give up. Today we don’t have to.


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