The Stars Today: Welcome Scorpio Season!

"saturn in scorpio"Although it feels like we’ve already been sunning ourselves on the cliffs of hell, ever since Saturn entered Scorpio. Mercury too. Now the Sun cometh.

The Moon is in “keep your distance” Aquarius. Sun and Saturn are conjunct, not exact, but I tend to feel these energies as they are building. Same for blowhard Mars and retrograde Jupiter in opposition: we haven’t reached our destination yet, but we’re on our way! Pay attention to your health: Mars Jupiter aspects tend to overdo it and Sun Saturn can make you feel emotionally underfed.

It also feels important to mention that retrograde Uranus is pulling farther away from Pluto so I’m wondering if you are feeling this square “less” or what issues are coming up or backing away.


I want to draw a couple focus cards for Scorpio Season. And my intention is to draw for myself and the collective. That what applies to me applies to you. We shall see… 🙂

1. With a heavy heart you are moving forward. Wait. How heavy is that heart again?

2. But then there’s something here you’re holding onto. Something that’s YOURS and you don’t want to let go of it and often this card is given a negative slant but for today’s Reading I’m seeing this as SELF-POSSESSION (hello Full Moon in Taurus!).

Funny how we stay put and yet we move forward at the same time. That’s what I call stability. Four of Pentacles + Eight of Cups.


Music for your mood: Patrick Watson – Words in the Fire


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