The Stars Today: Venus Sextile Uranus

"anita majumdar"You never know who will find you.

You never know who will find you where and when and how. 

And why, what the purpose is. Usually though, these days, it’s through a Google search 😉

Today one of my readers, an actress/playwright (click here for the link!) mentioned my blog in an interview. I was so touched! 

Emotions spring up when the Sun is in Cancer. It’s easier to feel everything and that may, or may not, feel good to you.

It’s the way I move through the world. I’m used to it. But what a lovely gift. To have that feeling. Gratitude. Thanks, Anita 🙂

But about the Stars Today: let me mention just one sweet aspect for this evening, Big City time. Venus in Gemini will sextile Uranus around 10:30 PM. This aspect is applying now, which means it’s increasing, the energy grows by the minute. It’s like an electric flower shooting up out of the ground.

Venus is art and Venus is love and Venus is money and Venus is desire and Uranus is FREEDOM. How perfect is that for the 4th of July?  I’d even argue that both Venus and Uranus rule inspiration.

Here are some Uranus keywords, just because words inspire me, which reminds me of another topic, so bear with me while I digress…

wilderness, flying, will, wolves, one’s wishes…

The other night I was on the phone with one of my advisors (heh heh) and she was wondering why I can’t forget the guy. And I was trying to figure it out and maybe she was trying to figure it out and then AHA. He inspires me I said.

surprises, telepathy, the unique, voltage…

I’m a writer and I’ve always been a writer and I need to be inspired so while this guy and I are not talking at this time, I have to do my best to find inspiration elsewhere through art of all kinds, music, theatre, the act of writing itself. It will take a nation of art. It will take two nations.

reversals, revelations, risks, liberty…

If I don’t feed that side of me, the side that creates, that feels, that loves, my spirit will be skin and bones and that will be a sad MoonPluto indeed.

genius, the frontier, dynamite, auras…

Venus sextile Uranus are beautiful ideas. Fireworks.

Happy 4th 🙂

Love, MP

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