The Stars Today: Venus Sextile Mars

"venus in scorpio"An enviable aspect in a chart: Venus sextile Mars. These natives, in my experience, attract potential partners with ease. No matter what they look like, they look good. They look happy.

And speaking of happiness: what is your experience of happiness? Does it sneak up on you? Do you cultivate it? Seek it out?

A good buddy of mine has a natal Venus Mars sextile and he’s been in a super good mood today. When transits echo our own natal stuff, we feel it. We express it. And I think we can all benefit from a little Venus sextile Mars today and tomorrow.

Venus is love and Mars is sex (to put it most simply). The sextile marries the two energies. You love who you have sex with and you have sex with who you love.

Who are you loving? What are you loving? Are you in love? How’s it going? Sextiles are smooth energy but supposedly you have to flip the switch to get them working on your behalf.

Bonus! Venus is also sextile Pluto. This love is changing you, for the better.



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