The Stars Today: Venus Sextile Mars (Part Two)

"venus in scorpio"Your life.

What was the first half of it about? What will the second half be about? My astrology teacher used to talk in these terms. That whatever you were NOT being and doing during the first part… that that will become the second part.

There was a gorgeous 70 year old woman in our astrology class, and she had spent all her early years working. She worked for families, cleaning, when she was just a girl and then eventually opened up her own beauty shop with a relative and spent the first half of her life a successful career woman. She had relationships but… she wasn’t IN them. We were just friends but had the most perfect synastry. ALL our personal planets trined.

Around the time that I met her, she had just had her heartbroken, I think for the first time ever, by a man around her age. He woke up her heart.

I don’t have Venus sextile Mars in my chart but I have Mars (and Pluto) beginning to transit my 5th House of love. The power (Pluto) of love (5th House/Leo).

Today’s Wisdom: Enjoy good feelings when they arise. Life changes so quickly. The tricky part is not to hold on but to touch the feelings and let them go like birds, kites, balloons.

You know what love is? I know. Love doesn’t see with the eyes. Loves sees inside.

What’s your definition of love?



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